ENZEC delivers environmental sustainability solutions naturally with our leading competency in delivering business outcomes

ENZEC Green - Environmental Sustainability

ENZEC’s vision is to lead our company with our customers and suppliers, along the Environmental Sustainability passage. ENZEC delivers environmental sustainability solutions naturally with our distinct market leading competency in delivery business outcomes.

The realisation of our vision and our commitment to the environmental is held within ENZEC’s over-arching and innovative business model. Our commitment to the environment is to eliminate surplus consumption in space, materials and energy used in the delivery of business outcomes across all our service areas.

We all play a serious part in our environment and at ENZEC we are very conscious of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in the development and implementation of environmental initiatives.

Sustainability Statement

ENZEC understands the consumption, waste and recycling problems facing the environment today. ENZEC has recognised that consumption is the catalyst that leads to waste and recycling. Often is not just a case of how we are consuming but more of how much we are consuming.

ENZEC’s unique business model addresses the consumption issue in all things we do. Our service delivery promotes environmental sustainability initiatives. It addresses the need to eliminate the excessive use of energy, paper and other resources that occur in the double handling of information and service between our customers, affiliated partners and suppliers.

Our “One Stop-Shop” model engages industry experts within the Networks, Cabling and Electrical market all within one business. This minimises considerable amounts of waste and superfluous energy in the mobilising of services and information.

ENZEC Environmental Sustainability Strategies

  • Continue to make full and innovative use of carbon friendly practices via our business practices such as our web-based job management and financial systems. This is our own purpose built web based system which we use to streamline job logging, job distribution, job management and invoicing to our customers. We will provide our customers with real time online access to all job information and with customers invoiced electronically which amounts to considerable savings in both mailing costs and paper.
  • Continue to improve our internal processes and training of our people to reduce the amount of printed materials thus reducing the waste paper, the use of ink and cartridges.
  • Reduce the consumption of electricity by eliminating the use of artificial lighting wherever possible.
  • Reduce the amount of travel from site to site by using IT communication services wherever possible.
  • Train all staff in eco-friendly office processes.
  • Eliminate excess energy, water and other resource consumption.
  • Wherever able, use recyclable or renewable materials.
  • Play a pro-active part in the community as a part of our commitment to the ideals of corporate responsibility.
  • Be green, read from the screen.
  • Turning off personal computers and other such devices outside of business hours.
  • Turning lights off at the end of each work day.
  • Reduce air travel by holding voice/video conferences.
  • Maintain electronic forms of customer files, documentation, as-built drawings and records.
  • Deployment of local ENZEC affiliated partner companies to perform labour services for selected projects, within their local community regions, minimising the requirement of air and/or road travel.


ENZEC is committed to the creation of balanced economical and environmental sustainable technology solutions for our customers.

Built into our standard business practices is our commitment to the environment. This is demonstrated by our distinct competency in delivery business outcomes together with our ability to help create clean, efficient, healthy and sustainable environments.

Our commitment is to be not only responsible, but to be an advocate of the environment championing the desire to achieve better and more sustainable business goals for ENZEC together with its customers and suppliers.


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