Structured cabling is the foundation of your business network connecting all your servers, computers, and other network devices together and enables voice, data, and multimedia to communicate effortlessly.

Our team of communications experts will put your mind at ease, by planning and installing the best cabling infrastructure exceeding your organisations expectations and requirements. From initial needs assessment, network cabling design, installation and project management to final delivery, ENZEC will be by your side to ensure your next cabling project is completed on time and within budget with professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail.

Our range of services include:

  • Structured Cabling Systems (Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 6a)
  • Data Centre Installations
  • Fibre Installations
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Multimedia Installations
  • CCTV Installations
  • MATV Installations
  • Independent Data Network Cabling Systems
  • Independent Voice Cabling Systems
  • Campus, Riser, Backbone Cabling
  • Comms Cabinets, Racks and Cable Management Systems
  • LAN/WAN Networking Equipment
  • Cable Patch Cords, Cable Assemblies, Adapters and Accessories
  • Network Testing and Fault Diagnostics
  • Power Distribution Systems (soft-wire desk power distribution systems)
  • Relocation Services
  • Decommissioning Services
  • Support Services – Maintenance, Service Level Agreements, Break/Fix Response

ENZEC have a great range of solutions that provide extremely good value Structured Cabling to business, enterprise, schools and homes.

Structured Cabling Solutions

What is a Structured Cabling System?

Structured Cabling is essentially a generic cabling system used to connect almost any voice, data, video, security or mutilmedia technology within a building.

Structured Cabling is the foundation of your premises network infrastructure. It is the platform upon which all your Information Technology and Telecommunications systems are built.

Information Technology & Telecommunications is at the core of your business operations. Effective communications between all key areas is of critical importance. These business functions are all dependent on a single primary technological foundation... cabling.

Structured cabling is building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardised smaller elements (hence structured) called subsystems. Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centers, offices and apartment buildings for data or voice communications, using category 5 (CAT 5E), category 6 cable (CAT 6) or category 6a (Cat 6A) and modular sockets. These standards define how to lay the cabling in a star formation, such that all outlets terminate at a central patch panel (which is normally 19 inch rack-mounted), from where it can be determined exactly how these connections will be used. Each outlet can be inter-connected to a data network (normally also rack mounted alongside), or cross-connected into a patch panel; forming a bridge into a private branch exchange (PBX) telephone system, thus making the connection a voice port.

Why is quality Structured Cabling so important?

Here is an analogy; think about your stereo system as your computer network, therefore image your amplifier as your server and your speakers as your desktop PC’s – you know that if the cable connecting the amp to the speakers is of poor quality or poorly installed, you will get poor quality sound no matter how much you spend on your stereo equipment! Well, the same is said for your data, voice, and video systems...a poor quality structured cabling system will undermine the value, performance and capabilities of your entire technology investment.

If that’s not enough, it has been estimated that up to 35% of IT network failures are due to inferior network infrastructure. So get it right by using the right people.

ENZEC are the right people and this is how ENZEC provides peace of mind. Our Structured Cabling systems are designed and installed by qualified personnel accredited by the manufacturers whose products are being installed. Our systems are 100% tested, certified and documented for our customers to Industry Standards. And depending on the manufacturer and product type, our Structured Cabling systems carry a 25-year warranty.

Benefits of Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Systems are at the base of modern information networks designed to accommodate quick and cost effective moves, adds and changes. A structured cabling system can minimise workflow disruptions and network downtime associated with enterprise reorganisation.

From an investment point of view structured cabling provides an exceptional ROI. A structured cabling system will outlive all other networking components and will require only minimal upgrades.

Construction costs for the cabling of the voice, data and BMS can be reduced considerably when integrating the cabling and delivery methods. Moves, adds, changes, relocations and upgrades can be performed cost-effectively, with a potential cost savings for material and labor when using an open-office cabling approach.

Additional advantages in using structured cabling

  • Consistency: Same type cables and connectors exist throughout the building.
  • Support of multi-vendor equipment: You can mix and match vendors.
  • Simplifies moves, adds and changes: As your company grows and moves, with structured cabling your network resources are always ready to go.
  • Simplifies troubleshooting: With a wired structuring cabling system problems are easier to isolate and fix.
  • Support of future applications: A Category 5, Category 6 or Category 6a compliant system will support future applications with little (if any) system upgrades.

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